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Ramadanyat available every day, it is the Bahrain’s only evening publication.

Ramadanyat is being published by “APRAS” after four years of success. It is the only daily evening Journal published distributed free of charge to mostly all Majlises in Bahrain during the holy month of Ramadhan.

Ramadanyat has established itself as specializes on serving the Bahrain Community with most widely read publication during the holy month of Ramadhan contents Ramadan happing’s, relevant religious information, old images in black and white, a daily photo coverage of Majlises, focusing on outstanding biography of one of the influential personalities in Bahrain, plus the daily Ramadhan Majlises listings.

The audiences that will be targeted for this publication include high income and living standard readers from public to private.

Following highlights will give you an idea as to why you should advertise in Ramadanyat:

1-    The only Quality Arabic daily evening publication in Bahrain.

2-  Circulating 9000 copies per day free of charge to Majlises plus list of Quality distributions outlets selected.

3-   Total number of readers according to our survey are more than 30,000 thousand daily.

4-     Advanced and effective means to introduce products and services.

5-     Viewing rate and word of mouth.

6-     Easy access to information customer.

7-     Specific advertising message from the advertiser to customer.

8-  Pertinent and varied editorial ensures the journal kept by our readers, thereby increasing your advertising exposure.

9-     Journal will be in tabloid in full color printed on highly glazed paper.

10-  Through Ramadanyat you can reach over 27000 readers daily.

Because we publish daily, we believe this gives advertisers a great opportunity to promote their products and services every day.

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